What Is Copywriting?

If you’ve landed here you’re looking for a copywriter, and you may not even be exactly sure what a copywriter is!

That’s totally fine, It happens more often than you think!

So what is  copywriting?

If you google “copywriting”, you’ll likely find it described in many different ways.

To break it down, copy is ‘text’ or ‘content’ that has been written by a ‘copywriter’ for the purpose of marketing and advertising a brand, product, or service.

Before commencing a project, a copywriter would do their own research to ensure they understand the business they are engaged with comprehensively.

Now, there are many copywriters out there, but a good copywriter will be able to translate the core value of a brand, product or service into copy that appeals directly to their target audience.

A great copywriter will be able to step into the shoes of a brand and be able to percieve how to best engage with their audience.

This skill then provides the copywriter with the ability to ensure the copy presented is completely aligned with the business vision, tone, value, and benefits.

Finding the right copywriter is important because your content is what everyone see’s first.

So finding a copywriter who has the ability to empathise from the perspective of creatively embodying both the nature of the business and target audience can be a powerful tool to creating engaging copy.

Think of it from the perspective of being an actor, in order to become the character, the actor needs to understand who they are, their history, and the specific actions they must take in order to tell the story that needs to be told.

This is what any great copywriter needs to be able to do without evening knowing it.

So why would a business owner require a copywriter?

Because they would prefer to hire someone who specialises in being able to articulate the core value of their business in a way that will further deepen the impact and engagement of their product, service or brand.

And, that’s what I do.

When you work with me, you’re working with someone that will ensure your business is being represented to it’s fullest potential.